The Bethel name is well known in MN for hand-carved fish decoys and now Mark and his son Cole are carrying on the family name and tradition of providing a quality working weighted fish decoys for the next generations of dark house spear fishermen and fisherwomen.

This pattern has been fine-tuned with each generation and we are looking forward to enhancing an already great product.

There are not many families that can claim a 5 generation history of working art.  And we are sure that our great great grandfather would not have foreseen a member of his family continuing what he started.

From Andrew teaching his sons Pearl and Cyril the art of carving and spearing to them passing on this love of fishing to the next generation Rod and Lawrence.

They all may be gone now but the passion of this art has been loving passed to the next generation with Mark and some of his cousins. And now Mark is passing his knowledge onto his son Cole so that this woodworking skill continues.

All of the decoys are hand carved and sanded, numbered and initialed. We believe in preserving the way decoys were made in years gone by.

If you are ever traveling through Little Falls be sure to stop in and see the case of Bethel Decoys and a bit of our history at the MN Fishing Museum http://www.mnfishingmuseum.com/